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A Comprehensive SERU  Online Training 

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What is  SERU?

Transport for London (TfL) has introduced an assessment of applicants’ Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding (SERU).

WE are here to train and prepare you before you take the (SERU) assessment.

Our aim is to make you prepare and pass your SERU test without hustle.

More Information About SERU

SERU stands for Safety, Equality And Regulatory Understanding. It is a new requirement that came into force on 1 October 2021 that applies to all existing licence holders and applicants.

TFL stands for Transport for London  and PHV stands for Private Hire Vehicle.

TFL- SERU Assessment Online Training Course is to  help ensure public safety and will enhance levels of customer service. The TFL has made

It is essential that London PHV drivers have an appropriate understanding of safety, equality and the regulatory requirements that apply to them.

Transport for London (TfL) has introduced an assessment of applicants’ safety, equality and regulatory understanding (SERU) for both new and existing PHV drivers who must take the (SERU) test before they are issued or renew their Licence.

This includes:

  1. Drivers’ obligations under the PHV (London) Act 1998 including the associated regulations and relevant obligations including under the Equality Act 2010;
  2. Policies and guidance issued by Transport for London (TfL) or other persons which are relevant to London PHV drivers; 
  3. The particular needs of passengers that arise because a passenger has (or may have) a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010;
  4. Protecting children and adults at risk from harm and abuse;
  5. Passenger and driver safety; 
  6. Road and vehicle safety.
  7. Safeguarding Awareness Course Preparation